Change of ownership.

Change of ownership. A Participant may change its ownership or business structure so long as one or more disadvantaged individuals own and control it after the change and SBA approves the transaction in writing prior to the change. The decision to approve or deny a Participant's request for a change in ownership or business structure will be made and communicated to the firm by the AA/BD. The decision of the AA/BD is the final decision of the Agency. The AA/BD will issue a decision within 60 days from receipt of a request containing all necessary documentation, or as soon thereafter as possible. If 60 days lapse without a decision from SBA, the Participant cannot presume that it can complete the change without written approval from SBA. A decision to deny a request for change of ownership or business structure may be grounds for program termination where the change is made nevertheless.
(1) Any Participant that was awarded one or more 8(a) contracts may substitute one disadvantaged individual for another disadvantaged individual without requiring the termination of those contracts or a request for waiver under ยง 124.515, as long as it receives SBA's approval prior to the change.
(2) Where the previous owner held less than a 10 percent interest in the concern, or the transfer results from the death or incapacity due to a serious, long-term illness or injury of a disadvantaged principal, prior approval is not required, but the concern must notify SBA within 60 days.
(3) Continued participation of the Participant with new ownership and the award of any new 8(a) contracts requires SBA's determination that all eligibility requirements are met by the concern and the new owners.
(4) Where a Participant requests a change of ownership or business structure, and proceeds with the change prior to receiving SBA approval (or where a change of ownership results from the death or incapacity of a disadvantaged individual for which a request prior to the change in ownership could not occur), SBA will suspend the Participant from program benefits pending resolution of the request. If the change is approved, the length of the suspension will be restored to the Participant's program term in the case of death or incapacity, or if the firm requested prior approval and waited 60 days for SBA approval.
(5) A change in ownership does not provide the new owner(s) with a new 8(a) BD program term. For example, if a concern has been in the 8(a) BD program for five years when a change in ownership occurs, the new owner will have four years remaining until program graduation.


13 CFR § 124.105

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