Forced extraction of natural gas liquids

Forced extraction of natural gas liquids means removal of ethane or higher carbon number hydrocarbons existing in the vapor phase in natural gas, by removing ethane or heavier hydrocarbons derived from natural gas into natural gas liquids by means of a forced extraction process. Forced extraction processes include but are not limited to refrigeration, absorption (lean oil), cryogenic expander, and combinations of these processes. Forced extraction does not include in and of itself; natural gas dehydration, or the collection or gravity separation of water or hydrocarbon liquids from natural gas at ambient temperature or heated above ambient temperatures, or the condensation of water or hydrocarbon liquids through passive reduction in pressure or temperature, or portable dewpoint suppression skids.


40 CFR § 98.238

Scoping language

Except as provided in this section, all terms used in this subpart have the same meaning given in the Clean Air Act and subpart A of this part.

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