Accredited-free State or zone.

Accredited-free State or zone. A State or zone that is or is part of a State that has the authority to enforce and complies with the provisions of the Uniform Methods and Rules - Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication, has zero percent prevalence of affected captive cervid herds, and has had no findings of tuberculosis in any captive cervid herds in the State or zone for the previous 5 years. Except that: The requirement of freedom from tuberculosis in herds is 2 years from the depopulation of the last affected herd in States or zones that were previously accredited free and in which all herds affected with tuberculosis were depopulated, 3 years in all other States or zones that have depopulated all affected herds, and 3 years in States or zones that have conducted surveillance that demonstrates that other livestock herds and wildlife are not at risk of being infected with tuberculosis, as determined by the Administrator based on a risk assessment conducted by APHIS.


9 CFR § 77.20

Scoping language

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