Affected State

Affected State means, with respect to any program, plan, lease sale, or other activity, proposed, conducted, or approved pursuant to the provisions of the Act, any State:
(1) The laws of which are declared, pursuant to section 4(a)(2)(A) of the Act, to be the law of the United States for the portion of the OCS on which such activity is, or is proposed to be, conducted;
(2) Which is, or is proposed to be, directly connected by transportation facilities to any artificial island or installations and other devices permanently, or temporarily attached to the seabed;
(3) Which is receiving, or in accordance with the proposed activity will receive, oil for processing, refining, or transshipment which was extracted from the OCS and transported directly to such State by means of vessels or by a combination of means including vessels;
(4) Which is designated by the Director as a State in which there is a substantial probability of significant impact on or damage to the coastal, marine, or human environment, or a State in which there will be significant changes in the social, governmental, or economic infrastructure, resulting from the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas anywhere on the OCS; or
(5) In which the Director finds that because of such activity there is, or will be, a significant risk of serious damage, due to factors such as prevailing winds and currents, to the marine or coastal environment in the event of any oilspill, blowout, or release of oil or gas from vessels, pipelines, or other transshipment facilities.


30 CFR § 552.2

Scoping language

When used in the regulations in this part, the following terms shall have the meanings given below:

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