(1) The in-person soliciting or demanding of money or funds for donation on Federal park land is prohibited, unless it occurs as part of a permit issued for a demonstration or special event.
(2) Persons permitted to solicit must not:
(1) The in-person soliciting or demanding of money or funds for donation on Federal park land is prohibited, unless it occurs as part of a permit issued for a demonstration or special event.
(2) Persons permitted to solicit must not:
(i) Give false or misleading information regarding their purposes or affiliations;
(ii) Give false or misleading information as to whether any item is available without donation.
(i) Camping.
(1) Camping is defined as the use of park land for living accommodation purposes such as sleeping activities, or making preparations to sleep (including the laying down of bedding for the purpose of sleeping), or storing personal belongings, or making any fire, or using any tents or shelter or other structure or vehicle for sleeping or doing any digging or earth breaking or carrying on cooking activities. The above-listed activities constitute camping when it reasonably appears, in light of all the circumstances, that the participants, in conducting these activities, are in fact using the area as a living accommodation regardless of the intent of the participants or the nature of any other activities in which they may also be engaging. Camping is permitted only in areas designated by the Superintendent, who may establish limitations of time allowed for camping in any public campground. Upon the posting of such limitations in the campground, no person shall camp for a period longer than that specified for the particular campground.
(2) Further information on administering these regulations can be found in policy statements published at 47 FR 24302 (June 4, 1982). Copies of the policy statements may be obtained from the Regional Director.
(1) In Lafayette Park the storage of construction material, tools, lumber, paint, tarps, bedding, luggage, pillows, sleeping bags, food, clothing, literature, papers and all other similar property is prohibited.
(2) Notwithstanding (j)(1) of this section, a person in Lafayette Park may have literature, papers, food, clothing, blankets and a reasonable cover to protect such property, occupying up to three (3) cubic feet of space, so long as such property is attended at all times while in the Park (the term “attended” is defined as a person being within three (3) feet of his or her property).
(k) Sales.
(1) No sales shall be made nor admission fee charged and no article may be exposed for sale without a permit except as noted in the following paragraphs.
(2) No merchandise may be sold during the conduct of special events or demonstrations except for books, newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, buttons and bumper stickers. A permit is required for the sale or distribution of permitted merchandise when done with the aid of a stand or structure. Such stand or structure may consist of one table per site, which may be no larger than 2 1/2 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 4 feet. The dimensions of a sales site may not exceed 6 feet wide by 15 feet long by 6 feet high. With or without a permit, such sale or distribution is prohibited in the following areas:
(i) Lincoln Memorial area which is on the same level or above the base of the large marble columns surrounding the structure, and the single series of marble stairs immediately adjacent to and below that level.
(ii) Jefferson Memorial area enclosed by the outermost series of columns, and all portions on the same levels or above the base of these columns.
(iii) Washington Monument area enclosed within the inner circle that surrounds the Monument's base.
(iv) The interior of all park buildings, including, but not limited to, those portions of Ford's Theatre administered by the National Park Service.
(v) The White House Park area bounded on the north by H Street, NW; on the south by Constitution Avenue, NW; on the west by 17th Street, NW; and on the east by 15th Street, NW; except for Lafayette Park, the White House sidewalk (the south Pennsylvania Avenue, NW sidewalk between East and West Executive Avenues) and the Ellipse; Provided, however, that the free distribution of literature conducted without the aid of stands or structures, is permitted on East Executive Avenue.
(vi) Vietnam Veterans Memorial area extending to and bounded by the south curb of Constitution Avenue on the north, the east curb of Henry Bacon Drive on the west, the north side of the north Reflecting Pool walkway on the south and a line drawn perpendicular to Constitution Avenue two hundred (200) feet from the east tip of the memorial wall on the east (this is also a line extended from the east side of the western concrete border of the steps to the west of the center steps to the Federal Reserve Building extending to the Reflecting Pool walkway); Provided, however, that the free distribution of literature conducted without the aid of stands or structures, is permitted on the Constitution Avenue and Henry Bacon Drive sidewalks adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
(3) Persons engaged in the sale or distribution of printed matter under this section shall not obstruct or impede pedestrians or vehicles, harass park visitors with physical contact, misrepresent the purposes or affiliations of those engaged in the sale or distribution, or misrepresent whether the printed matter is available without cost or donation.
(l) Rock Creek Park.
(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of 36 CFR 5.1, the Superintendent of Rock Creek Park may permit the recognition of and the advertising by the primary sponsor or sponsors of not more than two professional tennis tournaments per year at the Rock Creek Tennis Center.
(2) All activities conducted under this paragraph shall be appropriate to park values and consistent with the protection of park resources and shall comply with criteria specified in a written permit.
(3) Any permit issued under this paragraph shall be valid only for those periods of time during which a professional tennis tournament is being held, and shall limit all advertising and recognition to the confines of the tennis stadium structure and the contiguous paved plaza, not to include any of the fields or paved parking lots except within the interior of permitted tents on Parking Lot A. These areas shall be marked on a map available in the Superintendent's office.
(4) No advertising or recognition activities may take place without a written permit as specified in this paragraph. Any person who violates a provision of this paragraph is subject to the penalty provisions of 36 CFR 1.3 and revocation of the permit if a permit exists.
(m) Information collection. The information collection requirements contained in this section have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under 44 U.S.C. 3507 and assigned clearance number 1024-0021. The information is being collected to provide notification to park managers, United States Park Police, Metropolitan Police, and the Secret Service of the plans of organizers of large-scale demonstrations and special events in order to assist in the provision of security and logistical support. This information will be used to further those purposes. The obligation is required to obtain a benefit.


36 CFR § 7.96

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