Eligible foods

Eligible foods means:
(1) Any food or food product intended for human consumption except alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and hot foods and hot food products prepared for immediate consumption and any deposit fee in excess of the amount of the State fee reimbursement (if any) required to purchase any food or food product contained in a returnable bottle, can, or other container, regardless of whether the fee is included in the shelf price posted for the food or food product;
(2) Seeds and plants to grow foods for the personal consumption of eligible households;
(3) Meals prepared and delivered by an authorized meal delivery service to households eligible to use SNAP benefits to purchase delivered meals; or meals served by an authorized communal dining facility for the elderly, for SSI households or both, to households eligible to use SNAP benefits for communal dining;
(4) Meals prepared and served by a drug addict or alcoholic treatment and rehabilitation center to narcotic addicts or alcoholics and their children who live with them;
(5) Meals prepared and served by a group living arrangement facility to residents who are blind or disabled as defined in paragraphs (2) through (11) of the definition of “Elderly or disabled member” contained in this section;
(6) Meals prepared by and served by a shelter for battered women and children to its eligible residents;
(7) In the case of certain eligible households living in areas of Alaska where access to food stores is extremely difficult and the households rely on hunting and fishing for subsistence, equipment for the purpose of procuring food for eligible households, including nets, lines, hooks, fishing rods, harpoons, knives, and other equipment necessary for subsistence hunting and fishing but not equipment for the purpose of transportation, clothing or shelter, nor firearms, ammunition or other explosives;
(8) In the case of homeless SNAP households, meals prepared for and served by an authorized public or private nonprofit establishment (e.g. soup kitchen, temporary shelter), approved by an appropriate State or local agency, that feeds homeless persons; and
(9) In the case of homeless SNAP households, meals prepared by a restaurant which contracts with an appropriate State agency to serve meals to homeless persons at concessional (low or reduced) prices.


7 CFR § 271.2

Scoping language

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