Correlation trading position

Correlation trading position means:
(1) A securitization position for which all or substantially all of the value of the underlying exposures is based on the credit quality of a single company for which a two-way market exists, or on commonly traded indices based on such exposures for which a two-way market exists on the indices; or
(2) A position that is not a securitization position and that hedges a position described in paragraph (1) of this definition; and
(3) A correlation trading position does not include:
(i) A resecuritization position;
(ii) A derivative of a securitization position that does not provide a pro rata share in the proceeds of a securitization tranche; or
(iii) A securitization position for which the underlying assets or reference exposures are retail exposures, residential mortgage exposures, or commercial mortgage exposures.


12 CFR § 324.202

Scoping language

Terms set forth in 324.2 and used in this subpart have the definitions assigned thereto in 324.2.

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