Yearly average exchange rate.

(2) Yearly average exchange rate. For purposes of section 987, the yearly average exchange rate is a rate that represents an average exchange rate for the taxable year (or, if the relevant period is less than a full taxable year, such portion of the taxable year) computed under any reasonable method. For example, an owner may determine the yearly average exchange rate based on a daily, monthly or quarterly averaging convention, whether weighted or unweighted, and may take into account forward rates for a period not to exceed three months. Use of an averaging convention that is consistent with the convention used for financial accounting purposes is presumed to be a reasonable method. The Commissioner can rebut this presumption if the Commissioner determines that the use of the convention would not have been expected to clearly reflect income based on the facts and circumstances available at the time of the election.


26 CFR § 1.987-1

Scoping language

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