Official filing.

Official filing. The term official filing means any filing that is received and accepted by the Commission, regardless of filing medium and exclusive of header information, tags and any other technical information required in an electronic filing; except that electronic identification of investment company type and inclusion of identifiers for series and class (or contract, in the case of separate accounts of insurance companies) as required by rule 313 of Regulation S-T ( 232.313) are deemed part of the official filing.


17 CFR § 232.11

Scoping language

Unless otherwise specifically provided, the terms used in Regulation S-T (part 232 of this chapter) have the same meanings as in the federal securities laws and the rules, regulations and forms promulgated thereunder. In addition, the following definitions of terms apply specifically to electronic format documents and shall apply wherever they appear in laws, rules, regulations and forms governing such documents, unless the context otherwise specifies:

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