Specified insurance contract

Specified insurance contract -
(1) In general. A “specified insurance contract” is any life insurance contract, annuity contract, noncancellable or guaranteed renewable accident and health insurance contract, or combination contract. A reinsurance agreement that reinsures the risks under a specified insurance contract is treated in the same manner as the reinsured contract.
(2) Exceptions -
(i) In general. A “specified insurance contract” does not include any pension plan contract (as defined in section 818(a)), flight insurance or similar contract, or qualified foreign contract (as defined in section 807(e)(3)).
(ii) Reinsurance of qualified foreign contracts. The exception for qualified foreign contracts does not apply to reinsurance agreements that reinsure qualified foreign contracts.
(c) Life insurance contract. A “life insurance contract” is any contract -
(1) Issued after December 31, 1984, that qualifies as a life insurance contract under section 7702(a) (including an endowment contract as defined in 7702(h)); or
(2) Issued prior to January 1, 1985, if the premiums on the contract are reported as life insurance premiums on the insurance company's annual statement (or could be reported as life insurance premiums if the company were required to file the annual statement for life and accident and health companies).


26 CFR § 1.848-1

Scoping language

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