Rockfish Program species

Rockfish Program species means the following species that are managed under the authority of the Rockfish Program:
(1) Rockfish primary species means northern rockfish, Pacific ocean perch, and dusky rockfish in the Central GOA regulatory area.
(2) Rockfish secondary species means the following species in the Central GOA regulatory area:
(i) Sablefish not allocated to the IFQ Program;
(ii) Thornyhead rockfish;
(iii) Pacific cod for the catcher vessel sector;
(iv) Rougheye rockfish for the catcher/processor sector; and
(v) Shortraker rockfish for the catcher/processor sector.
(3) Rockfish non-allocated species means all groundfish species other than Rockfish Program species.


50 CFR § 679.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act and in part 600 of this chapter, the terms used in this part have the following meanings:

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