Immediate family member

Immediate family member includes an individual with any of the following relationships to the QS holder:
(1) Spouse, and parents thereof;
(2) Sons and daughters, and spouses thereof;
(3) Parents, and spouses thereof;
(4) Brothers and sisters, and spouses thereof;
(5) Grandparents and grandchildren, and spouses thereof;
(6) Domestic partner and parents thereof, including domestic partners of any individual in paragraphs (1) through (5) of this definition; and
(7) Any individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the QS holder is the equivalent of a family relationship.


50 CFR § 679.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act and in part 600 of this chapter, the terms used in this part have the following meanings:

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