Modifications to base-year costs.

Modifications to base-year costs. Prior to determining the hospital-specific rate, the intermediary will adjust the hospital's estimated base-year inpatient operating costs, as necessary, to include malpractice insurance costs in accordance with 413.53(a)(1)(i) of this chapter, and exclude the following:
(1) Medical education costs as described in § 413.85 of this chapter.
(2) Capital-related costs as described in § 413.130 of this chapter.
(3) Kidney acquisition costs incurred by hospitals approved as renal transplantation centers as described in § 412.100. Kidney acquisition costs in the base year will be determined by multiplying the hospital's average kidney acquisition cost per kidney times the number of kidney transplants covered by Medicare Part A during the base period.
(4) Higher costs that were incurred for purposes of increasing base-year costs.
(5) One-time nonrecurring higher costs or revenue offsets that have the effect of distorting base-year costs as an appropriate basis for computing the hospital-specific rate.
(6) Higher costs that result from changes in hospital accounting principles initiated in the base year.
(7) The costs of qualified nonphysician anesthetists' services, as described in § 412.113(c).


42 CFR § 412.71

Scoping language

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