Arm's-length contract

Arm's-length contract means a contract or agreement that has been arrived at in the marketplace between independent, nonaffiliated persons with opposing economic interests regarding that contract. For purposes of this subpart, two persons are affiliated if one person controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with another person. For purposes of this subpart, based on the instruments of ownership of the voting securities of an entity, or based on other forms of ownership: Ownership in excess of 50 percent constitutes control; ownership of 10 through 50 percent creates a presumption of control; and ownership of less than 10 percent creates a presumption of noncontrol which ONRR may rebut if it demonstrates actual or legal control, including the existence of interlocking directorates. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this subpart, contracts between relatives, either by blood or by marriage, are not arm's-length contracts. ONRR may require the lessee to certify ownership control. To be considered arm's-length for any production month, a contract must meet the requirements of this definition for that production month, as well as when the contract was executed.


30 CFR § 1206.451

Scoping language

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