Bypass lines.

Bypass lines. Beginning on the compliance dates specified in 63.1102(c), the use of a bypass line at any time on a closed vent system to divert emissions subject to the requirements in Table 7 to 63.1103(e) to the atmosphere or to a control device not meeting the requirements specified in Table 7 of this subpart is an emissions standards violation. If the owner or operator is subject to the bypass monitoring requirements of 63.983(a)(3) of subpart SS, then the owner or operator must continue to comply with the requirements in 63.983(a)(3) of subpart SS and the recordkeeping and reporting requirements in 63.998(d)(1)(ii) and 63.999(c)(2) of subpart SS, in addition to paragraph (e)(9) of this section, the recordkeeping requirements specified in 63.1109(g), and the reporting requirements specified in 63.1110(e)(6). For purposes of compliance with this paragraph, the phrase Except for equipment needed for safety purposes such as pressure relief devices, low leg drains, high point bleeds, analyzer vents, and open-ended valves or lines in 63.983(a)(3) does not apply; instead, the exemptions specified in paragraph (e)(6)(i) and (ii) of this section apply.
(i) Except for pressure relief devices subject to 40 CFR 63.1107(h)(4), equipment such as low leg drains and equipment subject to the requirements specified in paragraph (f) of Table 7 to § 63.1103(e) are not subject to this paragraph (e)(6) of this section.
(ii) Open-ended valves or lines that use a cap, blind flange, plug, or second valve and follow the requirements specified in § 60.482–6(a)(2), (b), and (c) or follow requirements codified in another regulation that are the same as § 60.482–6(a)(2), (b), and (c) are not subject to this paragraph (e)(6) of this section.


40 CFR § 63.1103

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