Retail customer or counterparty

Retail customer or counterparty means a customer or counterparty that is:
(1) An individual;
(2) A business customer, but solely if and to the extent that:
(i) The FDIC-supervised institution manages its transactions with the business customer, including deposits, unsecured funding, and credit facility and liquidity facility transactions, in the same way it manages its transactions with individuals;
(ii) Transactions with the business customer have liquidity risk characteristics that are similar to comparable transactions with individuals; and
(iii) The total aggregate funding raised from the business customer is less than $1.5 million; or
(3) A living or testamentary trust that:
(i) Is solely for the benefit of natural persons;
(ii) Does not have a corporate trustee; and
(iii) Terminates within 21 years and 10 months after the death of grantors or beneficiaries of the trust living on the effective date of the trust or within 25 years, if applicable under state law.


12 CFR § 329.3

Scoping language

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