Eligible community resident

Eligible community resident means:
(1) For purposes of the IFQ Program, any individual who:
(i) Is a citizen of the United States;
(ii) Has maintained a domicile in a rural community listed in Table 21 to this part for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the time when the assertion of residence is made, and who is not claiming residency in another community, state, territory, or country, except that residents of the Village of Seldovia shall be considered to be eligible community residents of the City of Seldovia for the purposes of eligibility to lease IFQ from a CQE; and
(iii) Is an IFQ crew member except when that person is receiving halibut or sablefish IFQ that is derived from QS held by a CQE on behalf of an eligible community in the Aleutian Islands.
(2) For purposes of the Area 2C and Area 3A catch sharing plan (CSP) in § 300.65(c) of this title, means any individual or non-individual entity who:
(i) Holds a charter halibut permit as defined in § 300.61 of this title;
(ii) Has been approved by the Regional Administrator to receive GAF, as defined in § 300.61 of this title, from a CQE in a transfer between IFQ and GAF pursuant to § 300.65(c)(5)(ii) of this title; and
(iii) Begins or ends every charter vessel fishing trip, as defined in § 300.61 of this title, authorized by the charter halibut permit issued to that person, and on which halibut are retained, at a location(s) within the boundaries of the community represented by the CQE from which the GAF were received. The geographic boundaries of the eligible community will be those defined by the United States Census Bureau.


50 CFR § 679.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act and in part 600 of this chapter, the terms used in this part have the following meanings:

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