Available information

Available information means, for purposes of identifying control technology options for the affected source, information contained in the following information sources as of the date of approval of the MACT determination by the permitting authority:
(1) A relevant proposed regulation, including all supporting information;
(2) Background information documents for a draft or proposed regulation;
(3) Data and information available for the Control Technology Center developed pursuant to section 113 of the Act;
(4) Data and information contained in the Aerometric Informational Retrieval System including information in the MACT data base;
(5) Any additional information that can be expeditiously provided by the Administrator; and
(6) For the purpose of determinations by the permitting authority, any additional information provided by the applicant or others, and any additional information considered available by the permitting authority.


40 CFR § 63.41

Scoping language

Terms used in this subpart that are not defined in this section have the meaning given to them in the Act and in subpart A.

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