Batch operation

Batch operation means a noncontinuous operation in which a discrete quantity or batch of feed is charged into a unit operation within a chemical manufacturing process unit and processed at one time. Batch operation includes noncontinuous operations in which the equipment is fed intermittently or discontinuously. Addition of raw material and withdrawal of product do not occur simultaneously in a batch operation. After each batch operation, the equipment is generally emptied before a fresh batch is started.


40 CFR § 63.101

Scoping language

The following terms as used in subparts F, G, and H of this part shall have the meaning given them in subpart A of this part: Act, actual emissions, Administrator, affected source, approved permit program, commenced, compliance date, construction, continuous monitoring system, continuous parameter monitoring system, effective date, emission standard, emissions averaging, EPA, equivalent emission limitation, existing source, Federally enforceable, fixed capital cost, hazardous air pollutant, lesser quantity, major source, malfunction, new source, owner or operator, performance evaluation, performance test, permit program, permitting authority, reconstruction, relevant standard, responsible official, run, standard conditions, State, and stationary source.

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