Maximum full-flow operating pressure

Maximum full-flow operating pressure means the maximum discharge pressure at which the compressor is capable of operating, as determined in accordance with the test procedure prescribed in 431.344.


10 CFR § 431.342

Scoping language

The following definitions are applicable to this subpart, including appendix A. In cases where there is a conflict, the language of the definitions adopted in this section take precedence over any descriptions or definitions found in any other source, including in ISO Standard 1217:2009(E), Displacement compressors - Acceptance tests, as amended through Amendment 1:2016(E), Calculation of isentropic efficiency and relationship with specific energy (incorporated by reference, see 431.343). In cases where definitions reference design intent, DOE will consider all relevant information, including marketing materials, labels and certifications, and equipment design, to determine design intent.

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