Transition training.

(2) Transition training. The training required for crewmembers who have qualified and served in the same capacity on another aircraft.


14 CFR § 91.1063

Scoping language

Sections 91.1065 through 91.1107:
(1) Prescribe the tests and checks required for pilots and flight attendant crewmembers and for the approval of check pilots in operations under this subpart;
(2) Prescribe the requirements for establishing and maintaining an approved training program for crewmembers, check pilots and instructors, and other operations personnel employed or used by the program manager in program operations;
(3) Prescribe the requirements for the qualification, approval and use of aircraft simulators and flight training devices in the conduct of an approved training program; and
(4) Permits training center personnel authorized under part 142 of this chapter who meet the requirements of ยง 91.1075 to conduct training, testing and checking under contract or other arrangements to those persons subject to the requirements of this subpart.

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