(n) Impingement means the entrapment of any life stages of fish and shellfish on the outer part of an intake structure or against a screening device during periods of intake water withdrawal. For purposes of this subpart, impingement includes those organisms collected or retained on a sieve with maximum distance in the opening of 0.56 inches, and excludes those organisms that pass through the sieve. Examples of sieves meeting this definition include but are not limited to a 3/8 inch square mesh, or a 1/2 by 1/4 inch mesh. This definition is intended to prevent the conversion of entrainable organisms to counts of impingement or impingement mortality. The owner or operator of a facility must use a sieve with the same mesh size when counting entrainment as is used when counting impingement.


40 CFR § 125.92

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions provided in 40 CFR 122.2, the following special definitions apply to this subpart:

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