Residual means any HAP-containing liquid or solid material that is removed from a wastewater stream by a waste management unit or treatment process that does not destroy organics (nondestructive unit). Examples of residuals from nondestructive waste management units are: the organic layer and bottom residue removed by a decanter or organic-water separator and the overheads from a steam stripper or air stripper. Examples of materials which are not residuals are: silt; mud; leaves; bottoms from a steam stripper or air stripper; and sludges, ash, or other materials removed from wastewater being treated by destructive devices such as biological treatment units and incinerators.


40 CFR § 63.1251

Scoping language

Terms used in this subpart are defined in the Act, in subpart A of this part, or in this section. If the same term is defined in subpart A of this part and in this section, it shall have the meaning given in this section for the purposes of this subpart.

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