Certain copyrights.

(iv) Certain copyrights. With respect to a copyright which is not excluded by subparagraph (3) of this paragraph from being export property, the ultimate use of such property is the sale or exhibition of such property to the general public. Thus, if A, a DISC for the taxable year, leases recording tapes to B, a foreign corporation which is a member of the same controlled group as A, and if B makes records from the recording tape and sells the records to C, another foreign corporation, which is not a member of the same controlled group, for sale by C to the general public, the recording tape is not disqualified under this subparagraph from being export property, notwithstanding the leasing of the recording tape by A to a member of the same controlled group, since the ultimate use of the tape is the sale of the records (i.e., property produced from the recording tape).


26 CFR § 1.993-3

Scoping language

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