Old taxpayer.

(ii) Old taxpayer. The old taxpayer is treated as completing the contract on the date of the transaction. The total contract price (or, gross contract price in the case of a long-term contract accounted for under the CCM) for the old taxpayer is the sum of any amounts realized from the transaction that are allocable to the contract and any amounts the old taxpayer has received or reasonably expects to receive under the contract. Total contract price (or gross contract price) is reduced by any amount paid by the old taxpayer to the new taxpayer, and by any transaction costs, that are allocable to the contract. Thus, the old taxpayer's allocable contract costs determined under paragraph (b)(5) of this section do not include any consideration paid, or costs incurred, as a result of the transaction that are allocable to the contract. In the case of a transaction subject to section 338 or 1060, the amount realized from the transaction allocable to the contract is determined by using the residual method under 1.338-6 and 1.338-7.


26 CFR § 1.460-4

Scoping language

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