Stable value or similar fund.

(v) Stable value or similar fund. A plan is permitted to allow transfers to be made into or out of a stable value or similar fund more frequently than a fund invested in employer securities for purposes of paragraph (e)(1)(ii) of this section. Thus, a plan that includes a broad range of investment alternatives as described in paragraph (d) of this section, including a stable value or similar fund, does not impose an impermissible restriction under paragraph (e)(1)(ii) of this section merely because it permits transfers into or out of that fund more frequently than other funds under the plan, provided that the plan would otherwise satisfy this paragraph (e) (taking into account any restrictions or conditions imposed with respect to the other investment options under the plan). For purposes of this section, a stable value fund or similar fund means an investment product or fund designed to preserve or guarantee principal and provide a reasonable rate of return, while providing liquidity for benefit distributions or transfers to other investment alternatives (such as a product or fund described in Department of Labor Regulation 2550.404c-5(e)(4)(iv)(A) or (v)(A)).


26 CFR § 1.401(a)(35)-1

Scoping language

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