Item means a product included in a competitive bidding program that is identified by a HCPCS code, which may be specified for competitive bidding (for example, a product when it is furnished through mail order), or a combination of codes and/or modifiers, and includes the services directly related to the furnishing of that product to the beneficiary. Items that may be included in a competitive bidding program are:
(1) Durable medical equipment (DME) other than class III devices under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as defined in § 414.202 of this part and group 3 complex rehabilitative wheelchairs and further classified into the following categories:
(i) Inexpensive or routinely purchased items, as specified in § 414.220(a).
(ii) Items requiring frequent and substantial servicing, as specified in § 414.222(a).
(iii) Oxygen and oxygen equipment, as specified in § 414.226(c)(1).
(iv) Other DME (capped rental items), as specified in § 414.229.
(2) Supplies necessary for the effective use of DME other than inhalation and infusion drugs.
(3) Enteral nutrients, equipment, and supplies.
(4) Off-the-shelf orthotics, which are orthotics described in section 1861(s)(9) of the Act that require minimal self-adjustment for appropriate use and do not require expertise in trimming, bending, molding, assembling or customizing to fit a beneficiary.


42 CFR § 414.402

Scoping language

For purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply:

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