The term meeting means the deliberations of at least three of the members of the agency, which is a quorum of Commissioners, where such deliberations determine or result in the joint conduct or disposition of official agency business (including conference calls), but does not include:
(1) Individual members' consideration of official agency business circulated to the members in writing for disposition by notation or other separate, sequential consideration of Commission business by Commissioners,
(2) Deliberations to decide whether a meeting or portion(s) of a meeting or series of meetings should be open or closed.
(3) Deliberations to decide whether to withhold from disclosure information pertaining to a meeting or portions of a meeting or a series of meetings, or
(4) Deliberations pertaining to any change in any meeting or to changes in the public announcement of such meeting.


29 CFR § 1612.2

Scoping language

The following definitions apply for purposes of this part:

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