Standard design certification.

Standard design certification.
(1) For actions involving the issuance or amendment of a standard design certification, the Commission shall prepare a draft environmental assessment for public comment as part of the proposed rule. The proposed rule must state that:
(i) The Commission has determined in § 51.32 that there is no significant environmental impact associated with the issuance of the standard design certification or its amendment, as applicable; and
(ii) Comments on the environmental assessment will be limited to the consideration of SAMDAs as required by § 51.30(d).
(2) The Commission will prepare a final environmental assessment following the close of the public comment period for the proposed standard design certification.


10 CFR § 51.31

Scoping language

General. Upon completion of an environmental assessment for proposed actions other than those involving a standard design certification or a manufacturing license under part 52 of this chapter, the appropriate NRC staff director will determine whether to prepare an environmental impact statement or a finding of no significant impact on the proposed action. As provided in 51.33, a determination to prepare a draft finding of no significant impact may be made.

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