Wall imaging system.

Wall imaging system. A field disturbance sensor that is designed to detect the location of objects contained within a wall or to determine the physical properties within the wall. The wall is a concrete structure, the side of a bridge, the wall of a mine or another physical structure that is dense enough and thick enough to absorb the majority of the signal transmitted by the imaging system. This category of equipment does not include products such as stud locators that are designed to locate objects behind gypsum, plaster or similar walls that are not capable of absorbing the transmitted signal.


47 CFR § 15.503

Scoping language

UWB bandwidth. For the purpose of this subpart, the UWB bandwidth is the frequency band bounded by the points that are 10 dB below the highest radiated emission, as based on the complete transmission system including the antenna. The upper boundary is designated fH and the lower boundary is designated fL. The frequency at which the highest radiated emission occurs is designated fM.

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