Qualified individual with disabilities

Qualified individual with disabilities means -
(1) With respect to any NACIC program or activity under which a person is required to perform services or to achieve a level of accomplishment, an individual with a handicap who meets the essential eligibility requirements and who can achieve the purpose of the program or activity without modifications in the program or activity that the NACIC can demonstrate would result in a fundamental alteration in its nature;
(2) With respect to any other NACIC program or activity, an individual with disabilities who meets the essential eligibility requirements for participation in, or receipt of benefits from, that program or activity; and
(3) Qualified individual with a disability as that term is defined for purposes of employment in 29 CFR 1614.203(a)(6), which is made applicable to this part by ยง 1807.140.


32 CFR § 1807.103

Scoping language

For purposes of this part, the following terms means -

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