U.S. net equity.

(i) U.S. net equity. The transferor's U.S. net equity as of the close of the taxable year shall be determined without regard to any transfer in that taxable year of U.S. assets to or from the transferee pursuant to a section 381(a) transaction, and without regard to any U.S. liabilities assumed or acquired by the transferee from the transferor in that taxable year pursuant to a section 381(a) transaction. The transferor's adjusted basis (for earnings and profits purposes) in U.S. assets transferred to the transferee pursuant to a section 381(a) transaction shall be the adjusted basis of those assets (for earnings and profits purposes) immediately prior to the section 381(a) transaction, adjusted as provided under section 362(b), treating the transferor, for that purpose, as though it were the transferee and treating the gain taken into account for earnings and profits purposes as gain recognized.


26 CFR § 1.884-2T

Scoping language

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