Public official

Public official means:
(1) An official, agency, or public entity within the executive branch of Federal, State, or local government who (or which) has responsibility for administering or enforcing a law, or an elected official in the Federal, State, or local government.
(2) Public postsecondary educational institutions established and governed under the laws of the State. These include the following:
(i) Institutions that are part of the State's executive branch. This means the head of the institution must derive his or her authority from the Governor, either directly or through a State WDB, commission, or similar entity established in the executive branch under the laws of the State.
(ii) Institutions which are independent of the executive branch. This means the head of the institution derives his or her authority from the State's chief executive officer for the State education authority or agency when such officer is elected or appointed independently of the Governor.
(iii) Publicly governed, publicly funded community and technical colleges.
(3) Performance accountability and customer information agencies designated by the Governor of a State to be responsible for coordinating the assessment of State and local education or workforce training program performance and/or evaluating education or workforce training provider performance.
(4) The chief elected official of a local area as defined in WIOA sec. 3(9).
(5) A State educational authority, agency, or institution as those terms are used in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, to the extent they are public entities.


20 CFR § 603.2

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