Audit and reporting system.

Audit and reporting system.
(1) The contractor shall design and implement an audit and reporting system that will:
(1) The contractor shall design and implement an audit and reporting system that will:
(i) Measure the effectiveness of the contractor's affirmative action program;
(ii) Indicate any need for remedial action;
(iii) Determine the degree to which the contractor's objectives have been attained;
(iv) Determine whether known protected veterans have had the opportunity to participate in all company sponsored educational, training, recreational and social activities;
(v) Measure the contractor's compliance with the affirmative action program's specific obligations; and
(vi) Document the actions taken to comply with the obligations of paragraphs (i) through (v) above, and retain these documents as employment records subject to the recordkeeping requirements of § 60-300.80.
(2) Where the affirmative action program is found to be deficient, the contractor shall undertake necessary action to bring the program into compliance.
(i) Responsibility for implementation. An official of the contractor shall be assigned responsibility for implementation of the contractor's affirmative action activities under this part. His or her identity should appear on all internal and external communications regarding the company's affirmative action program. This official shall be given necessary senior management support and staff to manage the implementation of this program.
(j) Training. All personnel involved in the recruitment, screening, selection, promotion, disciplinary, and related processes shall be trained to ensure that the commitments in the contractor's affirmative action program are implemented.
(k) Data collection analysis. The contractor shall document the following computations or comparisons pertaining to applicants and hires on an annual basis and maintain them for a period of three (3) years:
(1) The number of applicants who self-identified as protected veterans pursuant to § 60-300.42(a), or who are otherwise known as protected veterans;
(2) The total number of job openings and total number of jobs filled;
(3) The total number of applicants for all jobs;
(4) The number of protected veteran applicants hired; and
(5) The total number of applicants hired.


41 CFR § 60-300.44

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