Cognizant agency

Cognizant agency means any governmental agency that has performed an audit in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards to test compliance with the requirements of the Federal cost principles (as specified in 48 CFR part 31) and issued an audit report of the consultant's indirect cost rate, or any described agency that has conducted a review of an audit report and related workpapers prepared by a certified public accountant and issued a letter of concurrence with the audited indirect cost rate. A cognizant agency may be any of the following:
(1) A Federal agency;
(2) A State transportation agency of the State where the consultant's accounting and financial records are located; or
(3) A State transportation agency to which cognizance for the particular indirect cost rate(s) of a consulting firm has been delegated or transferred in writing by the State transportation agency identified in paragraph (2) of this definition.


23 CFR § 172.3

Scoping language

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