Overdue support

Overdue support means a delinquency pursuant to an obligation determined under a court order, or an order of an administrative process established under State law, for support and maintenance of a minor child, which is owed to or on behalf of the child, or for the noncustodial parent's spouse (or former spouse) with whom the child is living, but only if a support obligation has been established with respect to the spouse and the support obligation established with respect to the child is being enforced under State's IV-D plan. At the option of the State, overdue support may include amounts which otherwise meet the definition in the previous sentence but which are owed to or on behalf of a child who is not a minor child. The option to include support owed to children who are not minors applies independently to the procedures required under 302.70 of this chapter.


45 CFR § 301.1

Scoping language

When used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise indicates:

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