Business transaction

Business transaction means any of the following kinds of transactions:
(1) Sale, exchange, or lease of property.
(2) Loan of money or extension of credit.
(3) Goods, services, or facilities furnished for a monetary consideration, including management services, but not including -
(i) Salaries paid to employees for services performed in the normal course of their employment; or
(ii) Health services furnished to the MA organization's enrollees by hospitals and other providers, and by MA organization staff, medical groups, or independent practice associations, or by any combination of those entities.


42 CFR § 422.500

Scoping language

Scope. This subpart sets forth application requirements for entities seeking a contract as a Medicare organization offering an MA plan, including MA organizations offering a specialized MA plan for special needs individuals. MA organizations offering prescription drug plans must, in addition to the requirements of this part, follow the requirements of part 423 of this chapter specifically related to the prescription drug benefit.

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