Uranium enrichment facility

Uranium enrichment facility means:
(1) Any facility used for separating the isotopes for uranium or enriching uranium in the isotope 235, except laboratory scale facilities designed or used for experimental or analytical purposes only; or
(2) Any equipment or device, or important component part especially designed for such equipment or device, capable of separating the isotopes of uranium or enriching uranium in the isotope 235.
(b) The definitions in 40 CFR 1508.3, 1508.7, 1508.8, 1508.14, 1508.15, 1508.16, 1508.17, 1508.18, 1508.20, 1508.23, 1508.25, 1508.26, and 1508.27, will also be used in implementing section 102(2) of NEPA.


10 CFR § 51.14

Scoping language

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