Time-limited aging analyses,

Time-limited aging analyses, for the purposes of this part, are those licensee calculations and analyses that:
(1) Involve systems, structures, and components within the scope of license renewal, as delineated in § 54.4(a);
(2) Consider the effects of aging;
(3) Involve time-limited assumptions defined by the current operating term, for example, 40 years;
(4) Were determined to be relevant by the licensee in making a safety determination;
(5) Involve conclusions or provide the basis for conclusions related to the capability of the system, structure, and component to perform its intended functions, as delineated in § 54.4(b); and
(6) Are contained or incorporated by reference in the CLB.
(b) All other terms in this part have the same meanings as set out in 10 CFR 50.2 or Section 11 of the Atomic Energy Act, as applicable.


10 CFR § 54.3

Scoping language

As used in this part,

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