Institution of higher education.

(f) Institution of higher education. A domestic college, university, or other institution (or subelement thereof) providing postsecondary school courses of study, including foreign campuses of such domestic institutions. The term includes junior colleges, community colleges, and institutions providing courses leading to undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. The term does not include entities that operate exclusively outside the United States, its territories, and possessions. A subelement of an institution of higher education is a discrete (although not necessarily autonomous) organizational entity that may establish policies or practices affecting military recruiting and related actions (e.g., an undergraduate school, a law school, a medical school, other graduate schools, or a national laboratory connected or affiliated with that parent institution). For example, the School of Law of XYZ University is a subelement of its parent institution (XYZ University).


32 CFR § 216.3

Scoping language

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