(1) Participants may, subject to the limitations of paragraph (a)(2) of this section, use alternative means of dispute resolution to resolve all or part of any pending matter if the participants agree. The alternative means of dispute resolution authorized under subpart F of this part will be voluntary procedures that supplement rather than limit other available dispute resolution techniques.
(2) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(3) of this section, the decisional authority will not consent to use of an alternative dispute resolution proceeding if:
(i) A definitive or authoritative resolution of the matter is required for precedential value;
(ii) The matter involves or may bear upon significant questions of policy that require additional procedures before a final resolution may be made, and the proceeding would not likely serve to develop a recommended policy;
(iii) Maintaining established policies is of special importance;
(iv) The matter significantly affects persons or organizations who are not parties to the proceeding;
(v) A full public record of the proceeding is important, and a dispute resolution proceeding cannot provide a record; or
(vi) The Commission must maintain continuing jurisdiction over the matter with authority to alter the disposition of the matter in the light of changed circumstances, and a dispute resolution proceeding would interfere with the Commission's fulfilling that requirement.
(3) If one or more of the factors outlined in paragraph (a)(2) of this section is present, alternative dispute resolution may nevertheless be used if the alternative dispute resolution proceeding can be structured to avoid the identified factor or if other concerns significantly outweigh the identified factor.
(4) A determination to use or not to use a dispute resolution proceeding under subpart F of this part is not subject to judicial review.
(5) Settlement agreements reached through the use of alternative dispute resolution pursuant to subpart F of this part will be subject to the provisions of Rule 602, unless the decisional authority, upon motion or otherwise, orders a different procedure.


18 CFR § 385.604

Scoping language

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