Enforceable policy.

Enforceable policy. The term enforceable policy means State policies which are legally binding through constitutional provisions, laws, regulations, land use plans, ordinances, or judicial or administrative decisions, by which a State exerts control over private and public land and water uses and natural resources in the coastal zone, 16 U.S.C. 1453(6a), and which are incorporated in a management program as approved by OCRM either as part of program approval or as a program change under 15 CFR part 923, subpart H. An enforceable policy shall contain standards of sufficient specificity to guide public and private uses. Enforceable policies need not establish detailed criteria such that a proponent of an activity could determine the consistency of an activity without interaction with the State agency. State agencies may identify management measures which are based on enforceable policies, and, if implemented, would allow the activity to be conducted consistent with the enforceable policies of the program. A State agency, however, must base its objection on enforceable policies.


15 CFR § 930.11

Scoping language

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