Closed vent system

Closed vent system means a system that is not open to the atmosphere and is composed of piping, ductwork, connections, and, if necessary, flow inducing devices that transport gas or vapor from an emission point to a control device. A closed vent system does not include the vapor collection system that is part of any tank truck or railcar or the loading arm or hose that is used for vapor return. For transfer racks, the closed vent system begins at, and includes, the first block valve on the downstream side of the loading arm or hose used to convey displaced vapors.


40 CFR § 63.1101

Scoping language

All terms used in this subpart shall have the meaning given them in the Act, in 40 CFR 63.2 (General Provisions), and in this section. The definitions in this section do not apply to waste requirements for ethylene production sources.

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