Indirect ownership of stock.

(i) Indirect ownership of stock. Stock of a foreign corporation that is owned directly or indirectly by an entity (other than a participating FFI, a deemed-compliant FFI (excluding an owner-documented FFI), a U.S. financial institution, a U.S. person that is not a specified U.S. person, an exempt beneficial owner, or an excepted NFFE) that is a corporation, partnership, or trust shall be considered as being owned proportionately by such entity's shareholders, partners, or, in the case of a trust, persons treated as owners under sections 671 through 679 of any portion of the trust that includes the stock, and the beneficiaries of the trust. Stock considered to be owned by a person by reason of the application of the preceding sentence shall, for purposes of applying such sentence, be treated as actually owned by such person.


26 CFR § 1.1473-1

Scoping language

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