Official Gazette

A patentee owning the whole or any sectional interest in a patent may disclaim any complete claim or claims in a patent. In like manner any patentee may disclaim or dedicate to the public the entire term, or any terminal part of the term, of the patent granted. Such disclaimer is binding upon the grantee and its successors or assigns. A notice of the disclaimer is published in the Official Gazette and attached to the printed copies of the specification. The disclaimer, to be recorded in the Patent and Trademark Office, must:
(1) Be signed by the patentee, or an attorney or agent of record;
(2) Identify the patent and complete claim or claims, or term being disclaimed. A disclaimer which is not a disclaimer of a complete claim or claims, or term will be refused recordation;
(3) State the present extent of patentee's ownership interest in the patent; and
(4) Be accompanied by the fee set forth in ยง 1.20(d).


37 CFR § 1.321

Scoping language

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