Surplus funds

Surplus funds means all those moneys and securities readily convertible into cash, except allowance funds and segregated trust funds, which are held to the credit of an Indian at the Osage Agency and which may be disbursed, expended or invested only upon authorization by the Secretary. The term includes:
(1) That portion of the quarterly distribution of tribal income and interest on segregated trust funds, in excess of $1,000, belonging to an adult Indian.
(2) The proceeds, including appreciation, of the sale or conversion of restricted real or personal property (other than partition sales).
(3) Payments made by insurance companies or others for loss or damage to restricted real or personal property.
(4) All moneys and securities, other than segregated trust funds, to the credit of an Indian who is less than 21 years of age (except the income from restricted lands payable as provided by ยง 117.3).
(5) Funds and securities placed to the credit of an Indian upon the distribution of an Osage estate.


25 CFR § 117.1

Scoping language

When used in the regulations in this part the following words or terms shall have the meaning shown below:

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