Weighted average rate

(ii) Weighted average rate(A) In general. A rate based on a weighted average of the interest rates on some or all of the qualified mortgages held by a REMIC is a variable rate. The qualified mortgages taken into account must, however, bear interest at a fixed rate or at a rate described in this paragraph (a)(3). Generally, a weighted average interest rate is a rate that, if applied to the aggregate outstanding principal balance of a pool of mortgage loans for an accrual period, produces an amount of interest that equals the sum of the interest payable on the pooled loans for that accrual period. Thus, for an accrual period in which a pool of mortgage loans comprises $300,000 of loans bearing a 7 percent interest rate and $700,000 of loans bearing a 9.5 percent interest rate, the weighted average rate for the pool of loans is 8.75 percent.


26 CFR § 1.860G-1

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