Appealable issue.

Appealable issue. Disputed questions of fact which, if resolved in favor of the appealing party, would result in the authorization of CHAMPUS benefits, or approval as an authorized provider in accordance with this part. An appealable issue does not exist if no facts are in dispute, if no CHAMPUS benefits would be payable, or if there is no authorized provider, regardless of the resolution of any disputed facts. See 199.10 for additional information concerning the determination of appealable issue under this part.


32 CFR § 199.2

Scoping language

General. In an effort to be as specific as possible as to the word and intent of CHAMPUS, the following definitions have been developed. While many of the definitions are general and some assign meaning to relatively common terms within the health insurance environment, others are applicable only to CHAMPUS; however, they all appear in this part solely for the purpose of the Program. Except when otherwise specified, the definitions in this section apply generally throughout this part.

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