Exchange agreement

Exchange agreement means an agreement where one person agrees to deliver oil to another person at a specified location in exchange for oil deliveries at another location, as well as other consideration. Exchange agreements:
(1) May or may not specify prices for the oil involved;
(2) Frequently specify dollar amounts reflecting location, quality, or other differentials;
(3) Include buy/sell agreements, which specify prices to be paid at each exchange point and may appear to be two separate sales within the same agreement or in separate agreements; and
(4) May include, but are not limited to, exchanges of produced oil for specific types of oil (e.g. WTI); exchanges of produced oil for other oil at other locations (location trades); exchanges of produced oil for other grades of oil (grade trades); and multi-party exchanges.


30 CFR § 1206.51

Scoping language

For purposes of this subpart:

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