Federal aircraft

Federal aircraft means manned or unmanned aircraft that an executive agency owns (i.e., holds title to) or borrows for any length of time. Federal aircraft include -
(1) Bailed aircraft: Federal aircraft that is owned by one executive agency, but is in the custody of and operated by another executive agency under an agreement that may or may not include cost-reimbursement. Bailments are executive agency to executive agency agreements and involve only aircraft, not services;
(2) Borrowed aircraft: Aircraft owned by a non-executive agency and provided to an executive agency for use without compensation. The executive agency operates and maintains the aircraft;
(3) Forfeited aircraft: Aircraft acquired by the Government either by summary process or by order of a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to any law of the United States;
(4) Loaned aircraft: Federal aircraft owned by an executive agency, but in the custody of a non-executive agency under an agreement that does not include compensation; and
(5) Owned aircraft: An aircraft for which title or rights of title are vested in an executive agency.


41 CFR § 102-33.20

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